Is Ardex Funds Scam or Legit?

Ardex Funds -

Ardex Funds claimed as a legit site that’s been paying for more than a year, they launched on 12th of June 2015. Some people said : The earnings are not crazy exaggerated, but practical and real. So, invest in Ardex Funds to have another earning avenue online. Do you agree with that opinion?. Who exactly Ardex Funds. What exactly do they do?. Are they scam or legit?. Here is my opinion and the results of my investigations on this one

Who is Ardex Funds?

Ardex Funds is an investment company that engages in stock market trading with the money we deposit. Based on the daily profit from their activities, they share a certain percentage of profit with us in return to our investment. The detailed report of their activities is also put up on their site daily and the profit percentage is announced. The payment is promptly made automatically as per their fixed formula for each category of investment. Ardex Funds claims to have been founded in 2008 and is registered in Seychelles. However, their website that offers deposit options for us is online since 2014. However, the company has earned good reputation with honest approach and regular payments to its investors.

But that statements and opinions are just the opinion of some people, even only the opinions of those who sell and promote Ardex Funds investment program. My opinion Ardex Funds is just ordinary HYIP program and they can stop operating and no longer provide benefits to its members at any time

Offered Investment Plans

The most catchy part of Ardex Funds investment is the flexibility in investment amount. There are plans available for all categories of investors – small, medium and big. The current investment plans offered by Ardex Funds are shown in the below table along with other details.

PlanMin – Max investmentInvestment period (days)Profit share
Unit 0$10 – $19.991530%
Unit A$20 – $999.995040%
Unit B$1000 – $4999.999550%
Unit C$5000 – $19,999.9913060%
Unit D$20,000 – $49,99918070%
Unit E$50,000 – $99,999.9923080%
Unit F$100,000 – $299,999.9910090%
VIP$300,000 – unlimited100100%

For small investors, the Unit 0 is the best option. The minimum deposit is just $15 for 15 days. The profit is calculated using this formula – (Daily profit percentage x our profit share in %) x (Our investment amount / 100)

Consider this example: Suppose you choose UNIT 0 plan and invest $15 (minimum amount). Your profit share (as per the above table) will be 30%

If the profit announced by Ardex Funds for the day is 1.5%, your profit for that day is calculated as below:

Daily profit = (1.5 x 0.30) x (15/100)

= $0.0675 or 6.75 cents.

The profit is accrued as per above calculation on a daily basis. You can withdraw it or choose to compound it. The compounding is also flexible with the option for you to choose from 10% to 100%  of the profit amount to be put back to compounding. However, if you are withdrawing as bitcoin, then the minimum withdrawal amount is $1. So, it’s better to let the daily profit compound and withdraw the entire amount (investment + profit) after 15 business days (3 WEEKS).

Is Ardex Funds a Real Company?

The easiest way to know whether a company it is true or just a fictitious company (scam company), then we can look at the legality of the documents that they have. Do they have and can show these documents? As I write this article, I have not seen any of these documents, although on a question page on their official website Ardex Funds invited investors to request documents

Ardex Funds Website Information

Website Title: Ardex Funds
Server Type: nginx/1.8.1
Registry Domain ID: 1880977626_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Dates Created on 2014-10-18 – Expires on 2024-10-18 – Updated on 2015-11-11
IP Address: is hosted on a dedicated server
IP Location: Germany – Bayern – Nuremberg – Hetzner Online Ag
Name Server(s)
NS11.CLOUDNS.NET (has 70,658 domains)
NS12.CLOUDNS.NET (has 70,658 domains)
NS13.CLOUDNS.NET (has 70,658 domains)
NS14.CLOUDNS.NET (has 70,658 domains) is using HTTP Secure with the following SSL Certificate.
Common Name (CN) :
Organization (O) :
Organization Unit (OU) : Not Part Of Certificate
Common Name (CN) : GeoTrust DV SSL CA – G4
Organization (O) : GeoTrust Inc.
Organization Unit (OU) : Domain Validated SSL
Begins On : 27-Dec-2015
Expires On : 27-Jan-2017


Ardex Funds are a regular HYIP program that can provide benefits to investors in a certain time period, but may also provide loss at the time could not be determined. They can no longer make payments and scam whenever, at any time. So be careful with HYIP programs. Only invest the amount of money that you are willing to be lost