How to Insert Arabic Paragraph to Facebook Instant Article

How to Insert Arabic Paragraph to Facebook Instant Article

Are you looking for information on how to write RTL paragraph on Facebook Instant Article?, or you are also confused and wondered how to insert arabic paragraph to Facebook Instant Article?. If you are not experiencing it. So I am currently experiencing it. I need to write an Arabic paragraph (RTL) on articles that I will convert into the form of Facebook Instant Article

Currently instant articles only support RTL at article level, class on the paragraph is not something supported by facebook instant articles, CSS is not supported for styling, in other words, we can only use dir="rtl" attribute in the HTML element. At the article level, a series of configuration options can be defined in the markup to customize the way the article is presented. Body text can be formatted to read right to left (RTL) to support languages including Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and Urdu, but what if RTL format is only needed in certain paragraphs?. How to write an arabic pragraph?

I have tried to use:

to convert this article (Makna Rahmatan Lil’Alamin Menurut Berbagai Tafsir) into facebook instant article format, but these experiments do not produce the output that matches what I expect. So, how to insert arabic paragraph to Facebook Instant Article?. I do not know why facebook only allow use direction (dir) HTML markup for elements such as html only, and do not allow for structural markup such as p or div

Instant Articles is designed to be flexible enough to support the vast majority of content types found online, but implementing all of an article’s elements successfully in Instant Articles can be difficult. Yeah, I couldn’t implement arabic paragraph (RTL paragraph) in certain paragraph(s). Could you?

I’ve also tried to find information on how to write Arabic paragraphs on instant articles, how to insert Arabic paragraph to Facebook Instant Article?, but I have not managed to find an article(s) that solve this issue. If you have solved this problem, please let me know. Thank you

Update November 28, 2017: I have successfully created RTL paragraphs by utilizing the existing aside quotes in customize the look (style settings). I set the paragraph of aside = right, then I write the Arabic paragraph as a aside quotation