How To Sell Courses, Bundles, Memberships and LearnDash Group Access

How To Sell Courses, Bundles, Memberships and LearnDash Group Access to Learners
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The functionality of LearnDash Groups is extremely powerful. LearnDash Groups (memberships) give you the ability to group certain users together and assign a Group Leader who can track the progress and performance of any user in their group. Groups can have any number of courses associated with them, and anyone in that group will be automatically enrolled into the course(s). Instead of selling access to individual courses, you now can create various groups that contain access to multiple courses (course bundles), memberships, various membership levels, etc. When someone purchases access to the group then they get enrolled into all the courses associated with that group(membership). You can choose to sell access for a one-time price, or on a recurring basis/subscription (i.e. $25 every month). So, how to do that?, how to sell courses, bundles, memberships and LearnDash group access to learners?. Okay, let’s start discussing this one by one

How to Selling Courses on LearnDash

Learndash as a Leading LMS plugins on WordPress either provide an e-commerce module that allows courses to be made purchasable or provide integrations with e-commerce plugins such as WooCommerce. This add-on allows you to sell your LearnDash created courses with the WooCommerce shopping cart. However, even though you will not be able to sell your course directly by relying on 2 plugins only (Learndash and Woocommerce), you need 1 more plugin, namely LearnDash LMS – WooCommerce Integration also called as WooCommerce for LearnDash. This plugin will integrate LearnDash LMS with WooCommerce, so you will be able to sell your courses on woocommerce and with a payment system that is connected to Woocommerce. When setting up your LearnDash course make sure you have set the course to “Closed” in order to protect your content.

  1. From the WordPress dashboard, navigate to PRODUCTS > ADD NEW
  2. Fill in the appropriate information for your product
  3. Scroll down to the Product data section
  4. Next to the Simple Product dropdown menu, check the box for Virtual
  5. Open the Simple Product dropdown menu and choose Course
  6. Next to Related/Learndash Courses, click on the course you’d like to associate with this product
  7. Be sure to publish or update your product when you’re finished

Remember, Guest Checkout must be disabled, and your users must create an account when using this integration.

A complete explanation of how to setup product, Woocomerce settings and integration of Learndash with Woocommerce can be read at the following link.

How To Sell Course Bundles With WooCommerce?

After discussing how to sell direct courses, a new question arises, what if I want to sell courses in bundles?. Bundle deals are extremely attractive to buyers because they allow them to get access to more educational course materials for a cheaper price. When carefully grouped, the course bundles can be tailored to meet specific learning needs and provide the maximum amount of value to the learners.

When you are using the WooCommerce LearnDash integration to sell your courses as previously stated, you can easily set up Learndash course bundles. To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. From the WordPress dashboard go to Products and select Add New.
  2. Give your new WooCommerce product course bundle a title.
  3. Fill out the description box with the course bundle description you want to display for this product
  4. Next, scroll down to the Product Data section.
  5. From the drop-down, select the product type as “Course”.
  6. Set the price for the bundle product.
  7. Next to Related/Learndash Courses, you’ll see a field where you’ll find of all your LearnDash Courses. Here, you can select multiple of your available LearnDash courses. This will instantly link all the selected products to this bundled product. When creating large bundles with 5 or more associated courses though, enrollment will change and be done in the background. For this process, you will need to set up a cron job.

You can bundle multiple courses and sell them with a single WooCommerce product. Hold down the SHIFT key when selecting courses from the list.

How to Selling Memberships on LearnDash?

You might consider selling online courses with memberships and/or subscriptions. Adding a membership feature is one way to increase sales and ROI on your Learndash site. Using this feature, you can offer special discounts to loyal learners. Also, with this feature available on your site, there is a high probability that more learners would like to try the other courses and related materials you sell.

Do we need a membership plugin or platform in order to selling membership on LearnDash?

Actually, we don’t need to add a membership plugin anymore, because actually Learndash itself already has the Learndash Group feature available. LearnDash Groups evolve to include membership capabilities. Create levels, sub-levels, sell access, award group certificates, and more!. If the “groups” terminology is a bit confusing, think about this as “membership levels” instead. Create various membership levels and you can sell access directly to them. You can read about Learndash Group at here

How to Offer a Subscription?

LearnDash does have a recurring payments feature in the core plugin but it is very basic and the payment methods are also limited. To sell more complex subscription (recurring payments) you can install premium WooCommerce Subscriptions add-on. WooCommerce Subscriptions allows you to introduce a variety of subscriptions for physical or virtual products and services. You can create daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly service subscriptions. Add sign-up fees, offer free trials, or set expiration periods.

After installing the WooCommerce Subscription plugin,

  1. In the Dashboard go to WooCommerce –> Settings –> Subscriptions, you would see a screen like in the image below
    WooCommerce Subscriptions Settings for LearnDash
  2. Select the respective Uses Roles for the people who subscribe to your course
  3. Then set the different subscription settings according to your requirements. For assistance, you can see their docs.
  4. In the Miscellaneous section, you can see the ‘Mixed Checkout’ option put a tick in the corresponding checkbox

Creating a Subscription Course Product:

Here are the steps to be followed to create a subscription product:

  1. In the WooCommerce Dashboard, click Products –> Add Product
  2. Fill the details of you of your course product
  3. Then find the Product Data section, select from the available product types simple subscription or variable subscription, as required
  4. If it is completely a digital product Tick the ‘Virtual’ box and if you give Downlable files along with it Tick the ‘Downloadable’ box
  5. Set the subscription price, billing interval, and billing period
  6. Set trial period duration and sign-up fee, if any
  7. After you set the basic subscription details, go to the Learndash/Related Courses section, and select the course or courses you want the subscription to grant users access to.
  8. Add other product details as per your requirement
  9. Finally save your product and/or publish it

Unfortunately this plugin has limitations in relation to Learndash. Since this WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin is not specially created for LearnDash, it has some limitations. When a student/learner’s subscription is over or recurring payment is failed, they will be automatically removed from the course and they will no longer have access to their courses. Especially when you’re offering installment payments it is a very big issue.

How to Sell LearnDash Group Access to Learners

To map to a LearnDash Group for a supported product type, simple choose a LearnDash Group from the Learndash/Related Groups selection box on the General tab. Then, when a user buys the product, he or she will be automatically added to the associated LearnDash Group(s). Subscriptions are fully supported, so if a user buys a subscription product mapped to a group and cancels payment or the subscription expires, the user loses access to the courses associated with the group(s).

Sell Learndash Group Access

That’s what we write about how to sell courses, bundles, memberships and LearnDash Group access. Hopefully our article is useful for you