Best High Performance Laptops 2017

Best High Performance Laptops 2017

For those who need a best high performance laptop to do some heavy duty work, you’re in luck. The market for this type of laptop is growing every year, so you’re bound to find something that fits your needs. But you need to be aware of how different brands work with different specifications. So be sure to shop around before picking up one of the best high performance laptops.

If you’re looking for a high performance laptop, you have to start with picking one with a strong processor. This is the brains of your PC. Everyone wants the best deal, but don’t pinch pennies when it comes to your processor. So those are the things you need to know before you get yourself the best performance laptop. Here’s our selection for the best high performance laptops for 2017.

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga

Finally Lenovo made the portable computer I’ve been looking for. Perfect weight, perfect functionality, good battery life, great screen resolution, the best laptop keyboard I’ve used and a bunch of bonus features that make it just that much better. This is unequivocally one of the best thought-out notebooks in the industry. Performance was slightly faster overall than other high-end laptops and hybrids using Intel’s current low-voltage U-series Core i7 processors. In everyday use, the system played HD and higher-res video without a hitch, and easily handled multiple web browsers, productivity apps and other tasks at the same time.

This might just be the best laptop I have ever owned, I think lenovo has finally gotten it right.

  1. The i7 processor is fast enough to avoid “getting in the way” when working.
  2. The keyboard is excellent, and Lenovo has done a minimum of layout changes this time. The key press distance and resistance are compatible with an excellent typing experience.
  3. The track pad is appropriately sensitive, with minimal falsely recognized finger positions/actions.
  4. Battery life was very good, especially considering that OLED displays draw power differently than LCD ones.
  5. The screen has excellent clarity.
  6. The enclosed pen is satisfactory, but I like my own stylus’s more.
  7. The weight and size are acceptable. At 2.8 lbs for a 14″ screen one shouldn’t complain, but while waiting for the next 6 oz to shed my existing machine migrated to a child’s possession so a new laptop was the order of the day.
  8. I love the “Yoga” format for presenting to clients or watching movies on a skimpy airplane tray.
  9. There was no significant bloatware to remove. That usually accounts for the first 2 hours of computer ownership.
  10. WiFi reception has been excellent, even in marginal areas of my home.

Alienware AW17R3

The Alienware AW17 is a great value for basically top-of-the-line hardware (at least as far as a laptop is concerned). I have been fortunate, as I have not really had any problems with this laptop whatsoever. This pc’s performance is amazing. I was able to run star citizen on the highest settings getting 35-50 fps @ 1080p and this game isn’t even that optimized yet. All my other games run at the highest settings @ 1080p no problem. it does produce alot of heat but the fans aren’t too loud and they have a good sound to them (not an annoying whine but a calm whooshing sound when they ramp up). Games like league of legends dont even get the fans going and not playing games this computer is silent as death, you literally can’t hear it when your not playing games.

Alienware AW17  Display

This display is pretty good, i got the 1080P one. The colors are clear and accurate and the matte finish is good to reduce glare. The viewing angle is reasonable, just so so. It gets quiet bright and should work excellent in an office setting, and better than average in daylight (due to matte screen).

Alienware AW17 Sound

The speakers are by Klipsch and it has two speakers on the front and a subwoofer on the bottem so it’s a 2.1 system. The sound is great for a laptop, the woofer adds base but isn’t dubstep by any means, the front speakers are clear and can get reasonably loud but they aren’t a bose stereo system. However the real gem in this machine is it’s Creative X-FI sound card, THIS IS A BIG DEAL! I’ve used creative sound cards before and they are the best when it comes to a sound card, realtec is nothing compared to creative.

Alienware AW17 Battery life

This thing has crazy good battery life, which is unheard of with gaming laptops. Mind you if you play games on this you may get 2-3 hours depending on how demanding the game is. Where the battery life really shines is when your using the intel graphics instead. You can expect 6 hours (or maybe even a little more) doing things like web browsing, watching 1080p moves, programming, word documents email etc.

What an awesome piece of art! Beautiful and powerful laptop!

HP Spectre x360

Great laptop – a little pricey, but it is really solid and well built, and the new i7 processor is fast. Very nice laptop, Performed as expected, nice and elegant looking laptop/tablet!

  1. Strong chassis. Trackpad remains clean and keeps off dirt and oils compared to other trackpads.
  2. Great 1080p display with very thin bezels.
  3. 2 thunderbolt 3 ports, either can be used for charging
  4. 1 usb 3.0 type-a for legacy devices.
  5. 10hrs battery with average use.
  6. Great sounding speakers. 4 are included in case of tablet mode use
  7. Excellent keyboard sturdy tactile feel for 1.3mm key travel. Great for typing papers
  8. Affordable price with great specs compared to competitors
  9. Light and comfortable to use in tablet mode for extended periods
  10. Windows Hello camera
  11. Dual fans. One on the side and one by the speakers. This helps keep the laptop cool being a thin device. 1 fan occasionally comes on with light use but its tolerable even a library.